The wine pours an intense ruby red with fruity aromas of cherry, rasberry and blackberry; in the palate it presents a good structure, lively, with an acid-crisp indicating its typology.  Interesting paring if drank with codfish and oysters. Serving temperature at  12°C.


The wine pours an intense violet red with fruity aromas of currant, blackberry and cherry; in the palate it presents a mellow structure, with an acid-crisp making it fresh and lively, indicating its typology. Interesting pairing with red meats, pasta, pizza, mildly matured cheeses, oysters, cod and other fat fish. Very interesting as an aperitif. Serving temperature at 12°C.



a straw yellow colour with greenish tinges foretastes the typical pleasing aromaticity with light notes of white and yellow flowers. The fine and persistent perlage amplifies the hints of pear and golden apple, typical aromas of the Pignoletto grown in our Modena area. The great balance between sweetness and freshness gives this wine its versatility and allows it to be a great match for an aperitif or perfectly suited for a whole meal. Best paired with local Emilia cuisine or with many traditional Italian dishes.


An intense ruby red wine that opens the nose with archetypal hints of violet, currant and red fruits. A fresh and vibrant taste with a soft and crisp finish typical of Sangiovese Romagna. To be served at 14-16 degrees and combined with a wide range of dishes such as pizza, traditional Italian dishes, cheeses, cured meats and especially red meats. The outstanding texture and quality of this wine allows it to age exceptionally well over time.


The soil at La Battagliola is gravelly, a feature distinctive of the growing area of Grasparossa. This unique aspect not only lowers the risk of pathogens, but it also guarantees the constancy of our wines in terms of aromas and flavour.
Nevertheless, Emiliano’s knowledge and background were fundamental for heightening and bringing out the best of the elegant, lively notes of Lambrusco Grasparossa La Battagliola. Together, we refine the bouquets and flavours. We study new paths and work on details to bring out all the salient notes and nuances of our wine.
The production method fully respects natural processes, which means low levels of sulphur dioxide and spontaneous fermentation. And to produce this traditional wine, La Battagliola uses the latest technologies for pressing, storage, monitoring and care.
This winemaking process focused on safeguarding rather than intervening yields a graceful and refined wine low in tannins, in which the note of elegance takes the place of Lambrusco’s typical opulence.

Even today Alberto Salvadori is still moved when telling the story of the beautiful country house in Piumazzo, La Battagliola, which he inherited from his mother Anna Maria. It was 1999 and the countryside of the Modenese plains was still being sowed, but this didn’t last long. A premonitory dream was enough to convince Alberto that the land had a more noble and ambitious fate, that of producing good wine.
From that very moment he left the logistics business to become a farmer and transformed the harvesting land to an area of seventy thousand Lambrusco Grasparossa vine cuttings. The shipments of goods by air, rail and sea allowed him to travel around the world, however the thrill of seeing those vine cuttings grow, the rows of vines take shape and to see the deep red and almost blue bunches of grapes bloom, has transformed him over the years.
He chose Grasparossa, the grape variety most suited for the land. It was an important challenge, that of proposing a Lambrusco of quality and character in a market place that has at least, in part, been dominated purely by commercial policies.
Alberto Salvadori’ s passion is shared by his children, Beatrice and Tommaso. Beatrice, after having lived many years in Milan, has started to work side by side with him and to share his passion for the wine. In Bologna Tommaso now leads Fratelli Salvadori, the family business that has been operating for three generations. The pace of life is constantly speeding up but everyone’s commitments vanish when they meet at La Battagliola for a wine harvest, a tasting, the first bottling or a simple gathering with friends. It’s the love for their land that bonds them and keeps them together, the sense of everlasting continuity that is found in the seasons and now in the wine harvest.

La Battagliola Winery

Offices: Via Castiglione 113 – 40136 Bologna
Vineyard: Via Muzzacorona 118 – 41013 Piumazzo

Tel. +39 051 0929023
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